Project Description:

Excolony is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that solves the main problems of such services in terms of security

Method of analysis:

First, we look at how we can earn, then we look at how we can be thrown, and then proceed to tokenometrics.


First, they have a clear understanding of how traders’ funds should be protected — they send 10% of the profit to the creation of the Secure Asset Fund and, in case of loss of deposits, refund funds to traders 70% in EXC tokens

Secondly, they have a non-standard scheme for raising funds — not ICO (initial coin offering), but ICCO (initial convertible coin offering) — that is, after a crowdsale according to the roadmap, they conduct an IPO (initial public offering), issuing shares that will be traded on the stock exchange and exchange the current tokens already for a share in the company. Thus, a clean utility token turns into a specific security token over time.

Thirdly, they have a competent affiliate program — it is a 2-tier 5% first level and 2% second at the ICO stage and 50% of the commission of all those invited when the platform is working. By the way, the Binance Top Exchange was among the first because it made a generous affiliate program (it was 50%, it was 25%). And the interfaces of these exchanges by the way are almost identical.

Fourth, super-chips, which of course are not yet available, such as VIP-packages with risk management, artificial intelligence, trading trading, trust management, accessibility on all platforms including mobile, thorough scam filter, multilingual support (20 languages), own payment system PayGate

Of course, you can think up a lot of things — let’s see what exactly they have planned and how they will implement it.

How we can earn

Most importantly, EXC is a negotiable coin exchange. Of course, Excolony is centralized, but this fact did not prevent Binance and Kucoin from increasing the rate of their utility tokens up to 100 times. Their functionality is almost the same:

commission discount
VIP packages
they are burned regularly to reduce emissions
increased liquidity due to currency pairs

But in the case of EXC, there are some chips that should help earn more:

additional liquidity due to the payment system PayGate, which will allow the use of the coin as a means of payment with partners

share in the company due to the ICCO mechanism
Payment of VIP-packages and insurance ICO in EXC tokens, which will increase demand in conditions of limited supply

Of course, it’s not a fact that Excolony will repeat the success of Binance, but the development prerequisites are certainly there and you can try it, especially the project solves problems typical for centralized exchanges.


Hackers — here, to be honest, it is somehow vaguely written how this problem will be solved. Topic not disclosed

Of course, this is problem number 1 of centralized exchanges — these are the losses that investors suffered from different sites.

I don’t know how it will be technically solved, but economically like this — by creating a Secure Asset and Fund of User (SAFU) fund to which 10% of the profits will be sent and 70% of the funds can be reimbursed by EXC coins. Well, without a commission to trade further, if you suddenly hack through the fault of the exchange

And all this is mixed up on fashionable artificial intelligence, which gives you recommendations to sell or buy and controls risks.

Business model

The exchange takes a commission from traders — at the expense of this it forms the funds and from this a profit is made. Everything is simple. By the way, they will send 50% of the profit for the purchase and burning of coins

But it is embarrassing that we do not know the commissions yet.

But this is interesting and can be very cool used by non-professional traders, because mostly now a lot of things are happening on the market on emotions.

it will be possible to convert to Fiat through different payment systems in 50 countries.



Guys from Vietnam and mostly people from VTC Intecom — a provider of digital content — call themselves Google of Vietnam. There are specialists and even a blockchain-developer in the IT sphere, but I haven’t seen any traders in the development of exchanges.

Our Advisors


ANN thread

My account BTT:

My ETH Adress: 0x8B2180c8EeBb9edFCc1F532AB8Efe51EBa6b5253




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Maxim Maximov

Maxim Maximov

#Bitcoin #Blockchain #DigitalMoney #CryptoCurrency

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