We all know that electricity is the main source of nutrition for all of humanity. In other words, our modern life depends on electricity. Every instrument that we use to make life easier for us depends entirely on electricity. Although science and technology are developing every day, still the extraction of electricity in our time is very difficult and it is necessary to change something. The high cost of electricity, centralized electrical AC systems are not profitable. With a low level of security in existing energy networks, many security problems arise and they are not able to guarantee 100% of safe food. Environmental problems The usual process of energy production is not environmentally friendly, especially when it comes to the production of thermal energy. Today, I present to you the company Eloncity, which will change our views on the extraction of electricity.

ELONCITY project is not new for world energy, but they want to apply the technology of blockade in this area. Eloncity wants to decentralize its energy system to millions of micro-grid networks that can independently supply electricity. Electricity will be produced and will be provided locally 24/7, and will directly compete with existing power supplies. Electricity prices will be more transparent. Everyone can use Eloncity technology for free electricity production. The main goal of Eloncity is to solve the universal problem that affects everyone. The Eloncity project focuses on replacing traditional energy systems with a power grid infrastructure consisting of millions of self-supplying micro-networks, and thus makes renewable energy widely available, at any time of the day. This will eliminate the imbalance in the demand for renewable energy, which is a hot topic in recent years. People around the world are experiencing political and economic problems associated with the reduction of fossil fuels, as well as with the problems of producing renewable energy. ELONCITY uses blocking technology to solve energy problems and will benefit humanity as a whole. Eloncity technology will help produce electricity almost for free, thereby providing the world with affordable clean energy. In a nutshell, one of the project’s goals is to reduce the cost of local electricity than the price of electricity for the network in order to use market efficiency to increase the use of energy storage systems and reduce the cost of local electricity consumption. Thus, Eloncity will create a system of trading blocks that will be synchronized with the AI ​​algorithm, comparing the state of the distributed Internet resources of things (IoT), and will use machine learning to determine the model of the demand for the electricity of the community.

How it works

The project will produce equipment for the production and storage of clean energy. Users will be able to sell additional power during peak hours. Thus, developers intend to motivate a large number of people and institutions to invest in energy storage equipment. In addition, a system for encouraging users was developed. For each megawatt of clean energy, you can get 16 ECT tokens in the form of a reward. Eloncity has decided to open up a full range of scientific and technical methods to encourage manufacturers from around the world to work together to develop and produce solar energy for distributed energy storage systems, the same energy storage system, conversion equipment and energy conversion. They will also expand the system and blocks of the trading system and open it for the calculation of fair prices. The community will be able to build an independent trading system based on the cluster system and use Amnesty International to reduce customs arbitration cases. Smart continuous-current networks of the last mile, extract peak load constantly. Further directional current devices eliminate the repetitive conversion of power and improve the competitiveness of the place of renewable energy produced.

Thanks to intellectual contracts, trading within the platform will be as transparent and secure as possible. Any transaction is reliably protected from outside interference. Artificial intelligence allows you to quickly get fair prices — this is the key to mutually beneficial cooperation. In this situation, these intelligent systems are unique — users of the Eloncity platform will be able to conclude a profitable transaction at any time. No peak loads on the existing system. Innovative solutions are used that allow the system to work in the ideal mode. That is why there are no overloads or problems that are regularly encountered by centralized services. This is a unique feature of the platform, this technique can become another source of renewable energy. Users will be able to monetize their efforts, taking advantage of all the advantages of the decentralized platform of Eloncity. Collaboration will be absolutely safe. Any intellectual contract is mandatory for execution — both parties are interested in fulfilling all the initial conditions for cooperation. It is this approach that allows building mutually beneficial cooperation and eradicating fraudulent schemes from this segment.


Trading systems based on the blockbuster make the energy trade transparent, while the AI ​​algorithm finds fair market prices in real time as a reference.

Energy storage systems with IOT technologies balance the requirements with the supply of locally produced renewable energy.

A new network of the last mile helps to permanently remove the peak load.

New devices, controlled directly by DC, eliminate the recurring conversion of power and improve the competitiveness of the place of renewable energy produced.

The new scheme of mining makes financial property of investment grade ESS.

Another important fact that needs to be considered is the blockchain platform, which provides efficient, safe and open management of energy transactions.

The project team

Road map

The road map of the project is already painted up to the 4th quarter of 2022. I will try to highlight the key aspects of the road map.

Quarter 3 2018 — the construction of the first energy self-sufficient unit and the creation of an algorithm for calculating the price of energy in real time. Next 2019, the active development of the network and its access to the global market. 2021 mass production of equipment. 2022 release of tool kits and design guides for products with ECTP support.


The idea of the Eloncity project sounds very interesting. Their idea of creating free electricity will solve the problem of a million people. Therefore, Eloncity is a long-term project. They have a very strong team and I am sure that they will realize all their ideas. For such projects, the future, since the standard electricity production is already obsolete.

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